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Yahya Tosun


Yahya Tosun

Dr. Yahya Tosun graduated from the University of Istanbul, Dental School in 1984. He continued his education at the University of Aegea, Department of Orthodontics Izmir-Turkey where he received his PhD degree.

He has published several articles in national and international journals. He has lectured extensively in Turkey and internationally.

Dr. Tosun is the author, co-author and editor of four books on Orthodontics Specialty and “Orthodontics for  General Practitioners” published in English as well as Turkish languages. He has been working on “Adult Orthodontics”, “Invisible Braces (Invisalign and Lingual Orthodontics)”. and particularly on Early Orthodontic Treatments. He is member of American Association of Orthodontists, World Federation of Orthodontics, Turkish Orthodontic Society and Emirates Medical Association.

Currently he is working in his own private practice “Dr Tosun Dental Clinic” in Dubai. He is proud of offering world class dental services to his patients in an interdisciplinary team approach with several other dental specialists. He believes dentistry is a harmonious combination of art, science and passion and strives to create beautiful smiles built on trust and compassion. His focus is that the patients have a smooth journey and great dental experiences and leave his practice with a smile on their faces.

In his spare times Dr Tosun enjoys watercolor painting, guitar playing, taking photographs. He is also passionate about self-improvement. Sport is an important part of his lifestyle particularly functional fitness, wind surfing, tennis and volleyball playing. He is living in Dubai with his wife who is also orthodontist and three children, two boys and one girl who are into athletics, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, rugby, swimming, and gymnastics.

Dr Tosun is fluent at Turkish, English and French.

Summary of Speech
Biomechanics of clear aligners and fixed orthodontic appliances

Clear aligners have been in increasing demand in the orthodontic world in recent years due to their aesthetic appearance and ease of use. Undoubtedly, one of the most important reasons for this high demand is that these clear aligners are offered as an alternative to the conventional fixed and extraoral appliances which attract attention. In addition, due to their ease of use, clear aligner systems have become an orthodontic treatment option that non-specialized general dentists can easily apply. This paved the way for orthodontic treatments to spread to every age segment of society. Although clear aligners are still very new in orthodontics, the capacity of tooth movements they apply shows an exponential growth curve thanks to the “artificial intelligence” technology, and in the meantime, successful results are shown day by day in “correctly selected and planned cases.”
On the other hand, fixed orthodontic appliances are systems that have proven their success in orthodontic treatments for more than a hundred years, starting with Dr. Angle, the founder of modern orthodontics. Fixed appliance mechanics are still widely accepted by most orthodontists globally, as they have greater tooth movement capacity and can offer quality treatment ends compared to removable orthodontic techniques.
This presentation aims to examine the clear aligner and fixed orthodontic appliance techniques from a biomechanical point of view, compare the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques, and guide general practitioners in this regard.