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William Dayan


William Dayan

Dr. Dayan has been teaching Orthodontics since 1991 at the University of Toronto, and in various other locations. He is a registered speaker for Invisalign and has spoken internationally on Clinical Orthodontics – especially Adult Rehabilitative Orthodontics. He is widely regarded as an expert on using Invisalign to achieve excellent results in even the most challenging cases. He is also a member of the Invisalign Clinical Studies Group which is involved in research and development of new and effective Invisalign use.

Dr. Dayan practices all types of orthodontic appliance systems: Aligners, braces, removable appliances, functional appliances, lingual braces, etc…

Dr. Dayan has a wife, 4 children and one grandchild.

Summary of Speech
Invisalign System and Aligner Biomechanics

Description:  Learning where aligners are different or the same as braces and wire orthodontics is the secret to success with aligners even in difficult cases. Exploring and understanding the advantages offered by the Invisalign System allows the clinician to complete cases more efficiently and effectively than traditional orthodontics. Dr. Dayan shows 6 paradigm shifts to make in comparing aligners to braces and wires.

Learning Objectives:

Participants in this course will be able to:

1) Understand how aligner biomechanics are different and similar to wires and braces biomechanics.

2) Manage aligner customization for their own patients, to obtain more favourable results in aligner orthodontic treatments.

3) Improve practice efficiencies to ensure improved outcomes in less time and appointments.