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Mehmet Manisalı


Mehmet Manisalı

Mehmet Manisali was born in in Istanbul in 1958.He finished English High school in Istanbul in 1977.Having qualified from Bristol University Dental school in 1982 he then obtained a Masters degree in University of London. He completed his medical studies in the same university in 1992.In year 2000 he became a specialist in maxillofacial surgery and was appointed as a consultant to St.George’s Hospital, University of London and Croydon University Hospital. He is currently the president of the Maxillofacial Surgery section of the Royal Society of Medicine. He is regularly invited by the Facing the World Charity to lead surgical missions in Vietnam. His main areas of interest are management of facial trauma, facial aesthetic surgery including orthognathic surgery, surgery of the orbit and management of facial skin cancer. He has published in these areas and lectures nationally and internationally. He is also the co-founder of the Step by Step Surgical Courses.

Summary of Speech
3-D planning and application revolution in orthognathic surgery

In recent years, the most significant change in orthognathic surgery has been the spread of 3-dimensional planning and application. Although we have had good results in this branch of surgery for decades; a breakthrough has been opened in diagnosis, planning, precision, and safety in implementation.
Other contributions of these applications are also prominent in terms of education, post-op analysis, communication between clinicians and patients, and research.
This presentation will explain these mentioned advantages with examples.