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Heinz Winsauer


Heinz Winsauer

Dr Winsauer obtained his degree in general medicine in 1980 at Innsbruck University, followed by four-year clinical training in general medicine and in intensive care. From 1985 he continued at the Dental University in Innsbruck and subsequently received his three-year orthodontic training. Since 1990 he has maintained a private practice in Bregenz, Austria. Dr Winsauer is a part-time instructor at the Department of Orthodontics University of Graz, Austria, and at the Universities of Bern and Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1998 he was the first Austrian orthodontist in private office to pass the European Board examination, since when he has been an active member of the European Orthodontic Society. Dr Winsauer is author or co-author of 15 peer reviewed publications and of four orthodontic textbook chapters. He has given numerous international lectures and holds eight international orthodontic patents.

He has undertaken scientific research at the Dental University of Graz and the International University of Catalunya, Spain. His main research interests are: maxillary expansion in adults without surgical assistance (moment/force quantification), orthodontic treatment with bone-borne anchorage and mandibular midline distraction osteogenesis.

Summary of Speech
Chairside made easy: out-of- the-box mini screws appliances
The use of mini screws, especially in the anterior palate, is a routine procedure that usually doesn’t take longer than the placement of two or three brackets. Their reliability in this region is up to 98%. A wide variety of ready-made or easy to fabricate appliances can be inserted chairside in 5 to 20 minutes. These can be anchorage, distalizers or mesializers for molars as well as hooks for facemask, mini screw born TPAs after expansion, retraction springs to guide impacted canines into their correct position or even pre-fabricated maxillary expanders.
These appliances have no need of impressions, there are no lab costs and no “next appointment” delays. Most important of all, these applications are not “specialist’s artwork” but are appliances that can be inserted within everyday routine appointments.
– To show techniques how to securely insert mini screws in the anterior palate.
– Show insertion of the above appliances and their use.